Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, but we recommend to assemble the dock on the shore in sections, and then put the sections in the water and finish the assembly.
Yes, in the case of a standard installation, the product is very simple to assemble and install. At the time of purchase, our retailer or distributor will provide you with the necessary information to install the dock yourself. They can also offer you their installation services. If you experience problems with the installation, we invite you to contact us directly via e-mail or through our toll-free number. On the other hand, if you want the warranty to be applied, you have to send us a picture, as soon as the installation is finished. If you cannot confirm that the installation respects all requirements needed and requested by Candock, the warranty cannot/will be applied.
Yes, there are some specific adjustments to be made during installation, but the system works very well with Jet Boats.
Candock's docks are extremely resistant and can support a heavy load, even on ground. So there is no problem if your dock touches the bottom of the water plan. However, make sure there are no sharp objects where your dock touches the ground.
Yes, the Candock system is very light and can be easily towed behind a small boat, entirely, or in sections.
No, not if the Jetslide system is properly used. The Jetslide has a V-shaped entrance point, specially designed to block the engine stand when the boat gets to final resting position. If you follow the instructions and use the product correctly, the engine will not damage the Jetslide. If you do not follow the recommendations or do not use the system properly, then the Jetslide can be damaged. The Jetslide has been foamed to prevent sinking in case of an accident.
No, the Jetslide is made of a more flexible plastic than the hull of your boat. Moreover, the smooth surface of the Jetslide will assure an on/off slippery surface thus eliminating most of the friction.
Candock's products are UV-resistant and the sun will not affect its properties in any way. Plus, its light color will assure you a comfortable surface to walk on barefoot unlike the black color ones often used by other manufacturers.
Other than normal cleaning of the surface, the product requires virtually no maintenance. This leaves more free time to enjoy the use of your Candock dock.
To receive accurate answers to these questions, you should send us an on-line quote request providing us with as many details as possible. Each installation is unique and depends on: where you live, method of payment, terms of delivery, etc.