Dry Dock System

Yes, there are some specific adjustments to be made during installation, but the system works very well with Jet Boats.
No, not if the Jetslide system is properly used. The Jetslide has a V-shaped entrance point, specially designed to block the engine stand when the boat gets to final resting position. If you follow the instructions and use the product correctly, the engine will not damage the Jetslide. If you do not follow the recommendations or do not use the system properly, then the Jetslide can be damaged. The Jetslide has been foamed to prevent sinking in case of an accident.
No, the Jetslide is made of a more flexible plastic than the hull of your boat. Moreover, the smooth surface of the Jetslide will assure an on/off slippery surface thus eliminating most of the friction.
Please refer to your instruction manual, in the section About, under Support.
Yes, specific details of your boat hull may put pressure on the entrance of the Jetslide causing superficial small scratches but those won't affect in any way the overall performance of the Jetslide product.
The Air Assist is used for heavier watercrafts. This system keeps the Jetslide’s dimensions to a size suitable for marina space or cramped locations. It is quick and easy to operate. It will keep your boat dry, while offering you a product that will keep your boat dry, while offering you a product that is easy to ship and not bulky and complicated to use compared to other products.