Product Strength

It is possible, however only if there is no ice movement during the winter. If ice conditions and weather permits it, leaving your Candock in the water will not only save you time, it will also save on fees associated with the removal and re-installation of the dock. If there is ice movement during the winter, it is highly recommended that your dock be stored during the winter.
Candock's products are UV-resistant and the sun will not affect its properties in any way. Plus, its light color will assure you a comfortable surface to walk on barefoot unlike the black color ones often used by other manufacturers.
As with all other types of floating docks, a protected area where waves are inferior to 3' or 1 m is recommended. We have however frequently witnessed our system withstand extreme weather and tidal conditions. Our modular system is of small size, allowing it to move easily with the waves, instead of resisting them. If where you are located, the waves are higher that 3' (1m), Candock docks are made to withstand severe weather conditions, although, you have to contact us to see how the warranty applies in those cases.